A month ago "Live PD" on A&E made Lafayette one of their markets. "Live PD" is the number one show on cable tv Friday and Saturday nights with well over 2 million viewers. It's always fun to see Lafayette and Acadiana on tv, but in this case, is it really a good thing?

I'm a fan of "Live PD" and have been watching it for a while. When I heard they would be filming in Lafayette I got excited. But, as I was watching this past Saturday I started to get a little uncomfortable. There were two shootings in Lafayette before 9 pm.

That got me wondering that maybe having these sort of things on national television might be giving people a not-so-great impression of Lafayette.

Now, I'm not saying that what we're seeing happen in Lafayette on the show is an unfair representation. "Live PD" is simply showing what's happening here.

I guess sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror.

One thing I'm glad the rest of the country gets to see to is how fantastic the men and women of the Lafayette Police Dept are. Nothing but great work and professionalism has been on display every weekend.

So, what do you think? Is having "Live PD"  in Lafayette a good or bad thing?

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