Hatchimals were the must have toy for Christmas 2016, but this year it's all about the Luvabella Doll.

According to Somerset Live, this interactive and surprisingly life-like baby doll is predicted to be the top selling toy of the 2017 holiday season.

Maybe it's her creepy eyes that are giving me those Annabelle-esque vibes, but if I had kids there is no way I would be buying them a Luvabella Doll.

I mean, I thought Furby's were scary back in the day, but this is some next level toy terror. And, don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a fantastic toy and all the kids will want one, but I just can't jump on board the Luvabella Doll train. It's too extra, even for kids.

Parents are already on the hunt for Luvabella Dolls and they are not an easy to find. Seriously, this doll is giving Fidget Spinner mania a run for it's money. But, if you are thinking about buying a Luvabella Doll for your kids this Christmas Somerset Live has a few tips.

So, what do you think? Will the Luvabella Doll be the hottest holiday toy?

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