Do you need some extra cash in your bank account?

If the answer is yes, then you can apply to give up your cell phone. Yes, it's a play-off of "Dry January" and this all comes in the form of a digital detox.

A company called Siggi's wants you to live a simpler life and the only way to accomplish that is by turning your cell phone in for a month while getting paid $10,000.

Now, for those who may fear not being able to get in touch with loved ones or those at work, you will be given a "flip phone" to stay in touch with those you need. The concept here is to stop you from surfing the web or scrolling through social media pages all day.

Cell Phone
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You have now through January 31st to apply for this experiment and you will have to write a short essay explaining why you need a digital detox in your life.

The essay plays a major part in you and who does not get picked for this experiment, so give it your best shot.

According to FOX Business, Winners will be announced by February 15th, but it's unclear when the actual "digital detox" will start.

If you're curious, research shows that the average person is on their cell phone for 5.4 hours a day. Do the simple math and figure out how many days in a year we're on our phones,

That number may be enough for you to want a "Digital Detox" in your life.

To apply for this Digital Detox Plan, you can do so by clicking HERE. 


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