Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Dating apps get a bad rap, but their popularity continues to grow among people who are looking for relationships. Tens of thousands of people in Louisiana log on to one of the platforms every month in search of someone they may enjoy spending time with.

"There's an app for that" is certainly applicable to dating platforms. Whether you want a serious relationship, are a certain age, are interested in a strictly physical encounter, are right- or left-leaning, are straight or gay, and everything in between, you'll find a place to search.

Louisiana residents overwhelming use Tinder when looking for love or friendship, with nearly 17,000 searches each month. Although eHarmony and Facebook dating didn't make the top 10 list, it appears they are still viable platforms.

If a survey by No Deposit Bonus Codes Guide is accurate, the dating app that comes in at number two of the most popular in Louisiana should worry you if you're married.

Here's the results from the survey:

RankDating PlatformAverage Monthly Searches
2.Ashley Madison8,120
4.Plenty of Fish6,703

Ashley Madison is an online dating service that caters to people who are married and looking for someone to have an affair with or "hook up" with. According to The Hudson Reporter, the site is entirely free for women, but men are required to pay a fee.

By the way, that felt as sleazy to type as it sounds.

A deeper dive into the numbers revealed the number of accounts per Louisiana town or city.

According to data obtained by the data aggregator site, more than 150,000 people in Louisiana have Ashley Madison profiles. Considering that about 1.6-million people in the state are married according to the census bureau, that means that over 10% of them are active on Ashley Madison.

A review of the list linked here shows that the participants live in all areas of the state.

How do you know if your significant other has been testing the proverbial waters? You can try searching the site by their name, but they are probably using a pseudonym. You can also check their browser history.

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