BOGALUSA, La. (KPEL News) - Louisiana, along with the rest of the American South has something of a stereotype about being a slow and lax place. Basically, if the Duke boys aren't speeding away from Rosco, the scenes in movies and TV are always kinda... lazy?

There is something in the way it's always depicted in movies and TV shows, how the music is always slowed down, how the drawls are extra drawly, etc.

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Well, as it turns out, some folks out there wanted to measure just how "lazy" cities in Louisiana are, and we're not sure we're too surprised by the list. We could quibble here and there, but based on the rules they used to create the list of Louisiana's laziest cities, it makes sense.

What Makes a City "Lazy"?

We thought that, maybe, the list was about cities that focused too much on leisure and not enough on work - in which case, you could make the case for New Orleans. But the list actually focused more on work - or lack thereof - rather than anything about leisure.

Here are the criteria Zippia used:

  • Lowest average hours worked
  • Shortest commute time
  • Fewest workers per household (Labor force divided by the number of households)
  • Highest unemployment rate
  • Fewest adults with a college degree

"Our thinking went something along the lines of if you can’t bother to go college, don’t spend any time at work, and have only one person per household bringing home the bacon, your town is probably pretty lazy," the website explained. "After we got the data for the 64 places in Louisiana over 5,000 people, we ranked each place from 1 to 64 for each of the criteria with 1 being the 'laziest'."

The laziest city? Bogalusa, Louisiana.


So, with all that said, here is their list:

1. Bogalusa
2. Tallulah
3. Springhill
4. Opelousas
5. Ville Platte
6. Mansfield
7. Richwood
8. Bastrop
9. Crowley
10. Franklin

And here are the stats that made them so "lazy." Do you agree with the list?

These Are the 10 Laziest Cities in Louisiana

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