Jared Fogle the sandwich pitchman and convicted paedophile has tried a slick legal maneuver to get out of jail. The good news. It did not work and this very sick individual will remain locked up for the next few decades.

Fogle, using a fellow inmate as his legal counsel, recently petitioned the U.S. District Court that holds jurisdiction over his case to release him from jail. His reason? He, Jard Fogle is a "sovereign citizen".

I am sure your next question was the same as mine. What in the name of a five dollar foot long does sovereign citizen mean?

Fourteenth Amendment citizens (who are subject to the federal and state laws and taxes) or "sovereign citizens", who are subject only to common law or "constitutional law" (or both), but are not bound to obey statutory law. No court has ever upheld these claims. Sovereign citizens may also be referred to as "freemen" or "common law citizens.

That definition is courtesy of US Legal.com .

I am not a legal scholar but I think what Mr Fogle and his legal team were trying to say is this. "The law may be the law but I don't think that law applies to me because I don't want it to."  It's the same defense your three your old employs when they say, " I don't want to."

By the way, the FBI considers some members of the sovereign citizen movement a domestic terrorist movement. It's good to see Jared is finding some quality groups to be a part of.

Fortunately, U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt rejected the motion and Mr.Fogle is right back where he started. Quite frankly a man with as disturbed a mind as he doesn't need to be out in the general population. He deserves to be in prison where they have ways of "reforming" sick people who harm children.


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