The thought of climbing into a hot bath after a long day certainly sounds relaxing. Unless that bath you're about to climb into is filled with warm water that bears a striking resemblance to freshly brewed tea.

That's what some residents of Jeff Davis Parish are reporting. However, they should not be reporting the discolored water for much longer. Jeff Davis Water Commission No. 1 has explained the discolored water is a result of maintenance on a water tower.

A spokesperson for the commission explained that the water is being tested by the Department of Health every hour on the hour while the maintenance is underway. Those tests have determined that the water supply is safe

The discoloration is likely the result of the water supply not being run through iron filters. The water supply is still being run through all of the other filters in the system.

Officials with Jeff Davis Water Commission No.1 expect the repairs and maintenance of the water tower should be completed by early next week. In fact, they have a target day of Tuesday for the work to be finished.

When repairs are complete residents in Lacassine, Welsh, Roanoke, Hayes, and Bell City, plus portions of Jennings and Lake Arthur should see clearer water and experience less trepidation about climbing into the bathtub.

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