That headline sounds like it could be taken from a movie that would be shown on the Sci-Fi spoof show Mystery Science Theater 3000. The fact is that a deadly form of amoeba has already been found in some Louisiana water supplies. Governor Jindal signed legislation that would hopefully keep the microscopic killer at bay.

While the Governor didn't sign a law that would call for an out and out hunt against the tiny organisms, the law he signed should insure that Louisiana's public water supplies are well protected against any outbreak. The law, which will take effect on August 1, mandates that public water supplies keep a minimum level of chlorine in their water systems. Local water authorities can choose to have a higher level if they deem it necessary for their customers.

Annual reports on the chlorine content and overall safety of the each systems water supply would be required under the new law as well. Those reports would be scrutinized by the Department of Health and Hospitals and the state's Legislature health committees.

Recently a St. Bernard Parish toddler's death was linked to these amoeba and in Desoto Parish in northwest Louisiana a test of the water supply their indicated the presence of the same creature.

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