In a strange bit of irony Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a political move that seemed more like Barack Obama. While Governor Jindal has been quite critical of Mr. Obama for using his executive authority as President. Mr. Jindal used a similar move to support legislation he favored with a similar action.

Yesterday the House Civil Law Committee voted to return the so called 'Religious Freedom Bill'  the bill to the calendar for discussion at a later day. That move essentially killed any chance for passage of this legislation during this session. This was legislation that Governor Jindal had targeted as a priority during this session.  When the bill failed to get out of committee, that's when the Governor took executive action.

The governor has been a critic of (President) Barack Obama for using executive authority on what he couldn't get through the Congress and now in fact Bobby Jindal seems to be doing exactly the same thing in Louisiana.

Those are the words of U.L. Political Science Professor Pearson Cross. Cross' comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

This executive order will prevent the state from taking any adverse actions against people, family owned business, charities, or other organizations who have deep religious beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Professor Cross believes the Governor's action will lead to a lawsuit.

The executive order won't have the same weight as the state law, but this a topic that's expected to litigated anyways

Many political observers believe that Jindal's very cool relationship with the members of the legislature are the reason he did not get the kind of support he expected on this legislation. Most observers feel that the Governor's personal political agenda , which could include a run for President, have gotten in the way of his ability to govern the state and interact with the legislature  effectively.

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