Similar legislation has been the spark of protest across the country. At the core of the bill is the argument over which should take precedent, religious freedom or civil rights. The question is should a state law protect an individual or entity that chooses not to do business with an individual based upon that individuals religious views on marriage.

The bill, HB 707, introduced by Bossier Parish Representative Mike Johnson created quite a controversy when it was first announced. Since that time the waves of controversy have settled some but they are expected to rise up again today when this bill goes before the House Civil Law Committee.

Many political insiders feel that the bill will get a lot of attention but the climate for passage is not good. The debate should be interesting and the protest might event get loud and long but in the end most political pundits feel that this measure, at least in its current form will have little to no chance of becoming law.

Another bill that will be debate by that same committee today will be one concerning the rights of an individual and sexual orientation on the equal housing and job discrimination front. The bill would protect that individuals rights to both of those civil liberties. This legislation is expected to fail as well. The reason being that there are already many laws on the state and federal level that prevent this kind of discrimination.

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