A recent bill passed by lawmakers in Mississippi has many people up in arms across the nation. Wednesday New York state officials limited unnecessary official  travel to the Mississippi. Also making headlines was a petition started by some Mississippi residents that would have the City of Natchez become a part of Louisiana.

The legislation that was passed that would motivate so many to take such extensive actions has to do with the denial of services to people who are gay. Natchez resident Casey Hughes feels so strongly about the legislation and its impact on the state of Mississippi that she started a petition that would move Natchez out of Mississippi and have it become part of Louisiana.

Tourism is our major industry, and that kind of legislation really affects people who are willing to come here.

Hughes' comments reported by the Louisiana Radio Network went on to suggest that many people in Mississippi do not support the recently passed legislation. She wants people around the country to know that not all places in Mississippi agree with the bill the Mississippi Governor recently signed.

Natchez is not like that. We are a very diverse community. We are welcoming to everyone.

To be truthful Hughes says the petition was not meant as a serious matter for actually moving Natchez across the Mississippi River. It was meant to be more of a statement to lawmakers in Mississippi that a lot of people don't agree with the denial of services legislation. So far the petition has received over 700 signatures.


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