It's been in the headlines in Indiana and Arkansas and the scrutiny of the rest of the world may soon be coming to Louisiana. The question is this, " Can a business or individual be punished by state government for their religious views on marriage." Representative Mike Johnson of Bossier City says, No. He has filed a bill that will be considered as part of the next Louisiana Legislative session.

Mike Alford of the political website spoke with the  Louisiana Radio Network about how such a controversial bill might be received in the upcoming Louisiana legislative session,

"You gotta wonder if lawmakers really want a piece of legislation that can send hundreds of people to the committee rooms and to the hallways,"

Alford seems to believe that Louisiana has bigger fish to fry with the state facing a huge budget deficit and other more pressing issues. He wonders if legislators will want to spend session time discussing this particular issue at this particular time.

There is also a concern about the explosive nature of reactions around the country regarding this kind of legislation. Groups that support the rights of gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens have already gone on record against this proposal.  Alford says there is a legitimate concern that some of the opposition could become violent.

'It will be an explosive issue in the legislature. When Indiana took this law up and enacted it, there were groups that acted violently."

There is no doubt that this is a very divisive issue. There are very few people that can find middle ground in the discussion. Chances are whichever way the legislature turns, there will be protests and lawsuits. Let's just hope calmer heads prevail and while the discussion may become passionate and heated, those that might choose acts of violence will not be tolerated by either side in this issue.

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