It seems as if Bobby Jindal's lack of popularity in Louisiana has followed him to Iowa. The unannounced candidate showed very poorly in a recent poll of GOP voters in the Hawkeye State.

To be fair Mr. Jindal has not been actively campaigning in Iowa nor has he officially announced his candidacy. Although Governor Jindal's popularity in Louisiana doesn't seem to be faring much better.

The poll conducted by Bloomberg and the Des Moines Register showed Jindal to be 14th among Republicans. He garnered just 1% of the vote from surveyed Republican voters.  Jindal addressed this poor showing in an appearance on ABC TV's This Week show.

On the republican side this will be an earned nomination, unlike the democratic side this is not a coronation

One would speculate that is a dig at Hillary Clinton who is the current front runner for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination.

Those close to Jindal are saying off the record that once the Louisiana Legislature ends its session there could be an announcement from Governor Jindal concerning his presidential plans. The legislative session is scheduled to end on June 11.