Sure, John Madden is well known for his Thanksgiving eight-legged turkey, but he really blew the world's mind apart when he introduced the mighty turducken.

John Madden Turducken
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John Madden passed away Tuesday, December 28, 2021. As the news of Madden's death made headlines around the world, it stirred up numerous nostalgic memories of the sports, broadcasting, and video game legend.

Obviously, when you think of John Madden you think about the "Madden" football video game franchise, his NFL coaching career, his penchant for eight-legged turkeys, tough actin' Tenactin, and most deliciously of all, you probably remember his unwavering devotion to turducken.

Oh yeah, John Madden loved him some turducken.

What Is Turducken?

Turducken, invented right here in Acadiana, is a "dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, further stuffed into a de-boned turkey" as described by

Madden loved turducken so much, there is even an official "All-Madden Turducken" available from

We'll talk more about the "All-Madden Turducken" pictured below in just a bit.

The All-Madden Turducken


John Madden and Turducken

Turducken is one of numerous amazing Cajun dishes to begin right here in Acadiana. The delicious trifecta of mouth-watering meats was one of our best-kept secrets...until John Madden became an evangelist for our wonderful Cajun concoction.

John Madden was introduced to turducken during the Rams vs Saints game on Dec. 1, 1996. Madden professed his love for the Louisiana specialty during the Sants game live on T.V. for the whole country to see.

He reportedly loved the turducken so much that when the game was over, Madden bagged up the leftovers and took them home with him according to

The turducken pictured above, the "All-Madden Turducken", was prepared on that glorious night in 1996 by Glenn Mistich of New Orleans.

From -

"This is it: the original Turducken, created by owner Glenn Mistich and famously presented to broadcaster John Madden before the Rams-Saints game on Dec. 1, 1996. Madden fell in love, praising it repeatedly during the broadcast and taking the leftovers home with him. Made over the course of two days, it’s a turkey stuffed with a duck then stuffed with a chicken, all meticulously deboned. This official food of the 1997 'All-Madden Team' is layered with two layers of sausage stuffing and one layer of cornbread dressing, before being carefully tied up. Weighing in at 17 pounds, this New Orleans classic is seasoned and ready for you to roast."


Engelmann Via Under GNU Free Documentation License
Engelmann Via Under GNU Free Documentation License


Below are a couple of great videos featuring John Madden and the turducken he loved so much.

Oh, and in the first video, watch as Madden cuts the turducken with his hand.

Rest easy John...

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