Country singer Jordan Davis has made quite the mark since debuting on the national scene back in 2017. He's hit it big with #1 song after #1 song.

And now, the Shreveport native is trying to hit it just as big with his latest wager.

Actually, the bet we're talking about was not actually placed by Jordan but some guy named "Shades Davis." You see, Shades has a propensity to drop a few bucks on his favorite teams from time to time.


But ole Shades drew our attention with the latest big investment in his future. He's going all-in on the Black & Gold.

Yep, Shades is betting big on the New Orleans Saints to win this year's Super Bowl. (Oh, wait, "Big Game." Don't want the NFL to get mad at us.)

Davis legit dropped four grand for Jameis Winston and the revamped offense and a solid defense to pull off some magic this year and walk away with another title for the Crescent City.

We've seen crazier things. So, go Saints!

And Shades, don't forget your pals when you're taking care of everyone's dinner when your wager pays off.

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