Former LSU basketball player and current LSU broadcaster Jordy Hultberg was arrested over the weekend. The charges stem from an altercation that allegedly occurred between Hultberg and his wife Shannon. The Hultberg's are currently going through a divorce. It is obvious that this has not been the best of times for the Hultberg family.

Shannon Hultberg used her Facebook page to respond to the events over the weekend. In her comments she asks for prayers from the community and hopes to continue to keep living with the couple's two young daughters in the Baton Rouge area. Here is some of what Shannon Hultberg posted to her Facebook page on Sunday.

I know many of you have seen and heard reports concerning Jordy and myself. I have received many texts and FB messages. I sincerely apologize for not responding personally to each. I will read each one soon. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate the outpouring of concern, love and kindness. To say I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted does not begin to touch how I feel. As many of you know, Jordy and I were married for 14 years and have two young daughters. Our daughters are having a VERY difficult time especially since I have had to talk to them regarding some of what has happened and what they may hear one day. We have been blessed with children that are healthy, smart, beautiful, and kind hearted. But they are also extremely sensitive little girls. My family has come into town to support my girls and I through this very difficult time. We have had very little sleep and are not functioning well to say the least.


I would like to say, we love Jordy and ALWAYS will. Jordy IS a good person who has made mistakes. But, I know he is overwhelmingly remorseful and regretful for all of his actions.


For some time but especially now, I have thought about leaving Baton Rouge so my children could have a fresh start but we love our St. George School Family and we love our Baton Rouge Community. I was born, raised, educated and made my adult home here. I pray with all my heart, and especially after the outpouring of love from people that my children and I can continue to live here and be happy. We obviously have a long road ahead of us.


Thank each one of you for your messages of support and concern. Words alone can not express my sincere appreciation. I would be humbled and thankful for your prayers for our family.

Shannon Hultberg's comments were reported in a story that was published by

In that piece it was reported that Hultberg allegedly grabbed his wife by the arm and shoved her into a dresser. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's report indicated that Mrs. Hultberg did have redness under her ears, a small abrasion on her elbow, and a possible bruise on her left temple. The report also indicated that Mrs. Hultberg's shirt was torn.

The altercation between the couple escalated when Mrs. Hultberg arrived at the couples home to find the front door open and found Mr. Hultberg inside with another female. Hultberg was charged with domestic abuse and released on $4,000.00 bond


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