Jugging, unless you're a criminal or very hip to ways of the unlawful elements in society you probably don't know what that is. In reality, it's stealing. In my opinion, it's also pretty darn stupid of someone to allow themselves to become a victim of this kind of crime because it is so very preventable.

First, let's get you up to speed on what Jugging is all about. Here's how Sergeant Nick Johnson with the Sulphur Louisiana Police Department described the crime in a story published by KPLC television. 

Jugging is when someone goes to the bank, they withdraw some money, these bad guys are sitting in the parking lot looking for that blue money bag. They then follow them to their destination, wait for them to get out of their vehicle, they make sure they are going into the store or wherever they may be going, then they go scope out their vehicle to see if the money bag is still in the vehicle. They will then smash the window, take the money bag, and leave.

According to Johnson, the most recent jugging incident reported to his office happened last Friday when an elderly woman reported the crime. Calcasieu Parish has reportedly seen seven instances of the crime in the past few months.

Law enforcement officials believe the crimes are being perpetrated by individuals operating out of Texas. Several law enforcement departments or corroborating leads and surveillance video in hopes of identifying suspects and eventually putting them behind bars.

In the meantime, this is a very preventable crime. Police suggest these very simple concepts to help you avoid being the next victim of a jugging incident.

** Be aware of your surroundings and those around you when withdrawing money

** Don't leave money or a bank bag filled with cash in your unattended vehicle.

**Don't advertise or tell anyone that you've withdrawn a large amount of cash

** Get to your destination and secure your withdrawal as soon as possible.

** If you suspect you are being followed call 911

It's all basic common sense and when we don't use it we play right into the bad guys' hands. So, while jugging might sound like a fun activity involving beer and swimsuits, it's actually a high stakes crime and comes with the potential for personal harm so be smart and be safe.


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