There is really nothing worse at Mardi Gras than not being able to find a restroom. A clean restroom. Not behind some building, or, worse, a Port a Potty that has been out all day. Raise your hand if you have ever been stuck in a drastic situation during parades. Yep, me too.

 AirPnP to the rescue! (get it - air pee and pee!) This is an app that allows you to find  nearby restrooms during Mardi Gras, for a price, of course. The restrooms are private, so all you have to do is log on to the app to find that nearby relief, or provide your own private bathroom to parade revelers for a small fee. Guests have the choice of paying through the app, or to the owner of the restroom directly. They can also rate bathrooms for future users on everything from toilet paper to overall cleanliness.

Currently the app is only available in the New Orleans area, but it is completely brilliant, and we're hoping one will be provided for the Acadiana area soon. In addition to the obvious benefits of finding a clean restroom, the site's developer said it will definitely help curb public urination during festivities.....and the arrests that go along with it.

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