It goes without saying that lighters and kids are never a good match. And, yet another good example of why this scenario is true played out Sunday at a motel in Lafayette when a child set fire to a bed.

According to Lafayette Fire Investigator Alton Trahan, most of the family was asleep when an 8-year-old boy started playing with a lighter and a piece of paper. As soon as the fire started to burn the bed, the boy ended up waking up the one adult and other kids in the room.

The little boy ended up with burns on his face and his hands. Thankfully, no one perished in the fire. The people staying there did try to put the fire out, but it was still necessary to contact the fire department.

When Lafayette firefighters got to the scene they said the sprinkler system had obviously worked, and so there was thankfully only light smoke that was left in the room. The other thing they noticed was that everyone who had been staying in the room was able to escape to safety.

Trahan added the fire was ruled accidental. The boy received treatments from paramedics who arrived on the scene to render aid.

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