April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, not the other way around.

Lafayette Dentist Curtis H. Roy is asking for the public's help as he's trying to figure out who is stealing his flowers. Roy's practice is located off of Johnston street in the 3700 blocks, not far from Arnould Boulevard, but his very public-facing storefront was no deterrent for an individual who allegedly helped themselves to the flowers outside of his office.

Roy's official Facebook page shared still images showing what looked like a female in a black and white jacket, red hair (wig?), driving a Chevrolet SUV in hopes that someone could identify the flower bandit.

According to the comments, this wasn't the first time this person has stopped by Dr. Roy's office to help themselves to free flowers.


Based on a situation almost identical to Roy's, one woman suggested the flower thief may be selling the flowers—possibly on a platform similar to Facebook marketplace.


Others suggested that the detailed clothing and bright hair could be a disguise to keep the actual identity of the flower lifter a secret.


Roy is asking anyone with information to contact the Lafayette Police Department or his office as they have already filed a report with the authorities.

Keep up with the latest on this incident and feel free to share any valuable information on the official Facebook post here.

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