Students in the Lafayette Parish School System will have a few more days to enjoy their summer.

On Thursday night, the school board approved a new calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. The vote was 7-2.

Next school year will begin on August 15 and end on May 28.

Feelings on the new calendar were mixed.

Board member Tommy Angelle says the new calendar doesn't maximize the district's instructional time. Some parents who attended the meeting agreed with him.

"I would prefer more instructional time and more preparation time for testing, so that they can do their best," Jennifer Riplie told KATC TV-3.

The president of the Lafayette Association of Educators, on the other hand, likes the move.

“What we’ve generally heard in our office from teachers and students is that it’s a very early start, starting August 1st has been very stressful. And now that we are starting a little later, it's a good compromise. I’m feeling good that moving forward we will be able to take care of what we need to take care of throughout the year, and we will still get out at a good time, and the holidays will be preserved,” Jonathan Cole said.

There were others who were hoping the school year would start even later.

In addition to the later start, changes for next year include the removal of a fall break and only a three-day Mardi Gras break.


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