The Lafayette Police Department will soon be able to keep a closer eye on activity in the downtown area.


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Lafayette Police Downtown Precinct

The new downtown precinct is planning to open by May 31st, and will be located inside the Rosa Parks Multi-Modal Transportation Center, at the corner of Jefferson St. and Cypress St.

Police Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green says that “it’s going to be located in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center which is ideal because it’s in the heart of the downtown area."

It will be the department's fifth precinct, and will be located on the first floor of the transportation center.

LCG Chief Communications Officer Jamie Angelle stated last week that the precinct had received funding last fall from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). According to reports, ARPA funds come from federal dollars to be used for economic recovery from the COVID pandemic.


Lafayette Police Department, Facebook
Lafayette Police Department, Facebook

Violence in the Downtown Area

The recent surge in violence is not the reason for the new precinct in the downtown area, according to Angelle. It had already been slated to happen prior to the shooting that happened in the early Sunday hours of Festival International weekend as well as the following early Sunday morning hours.

“This was already in the works. Now, we are happy that it’s actually going to happen and yes with the police presence in the area we’re hoping that it will help deter criminal activity.”

Some who live in the downtown area say a new precinct in the area will help with criminal activity.

Resident Cammy Edmonds said, “I think it’s wonderful. We’ll feel much safer.” 

There are some who have concerns that they will not be able to move around or act as freely with a constant police presence enforcing restrictions.

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