As a result of a situation at Acadiana High involving a student, a teacher and the morning pledge, the Lafayette Parish School Board is considering making changes to policy Parish wide. Current policy states students must stand during the pledge, but that could all change.

KLFY reports that Parish received a letter today (Wednesday) from the Appignani Humanist Legal Center. The AHLC alleges that a junior at Acadiana High contacted their offices after being “badly mistreated” by a teacher for opting out of the reciting of the morning pledge.

According to the letter sent to the group, this student says he does not want to participate in the pledge for “personal and religious reasons”. The student says as a result, an "Acadiana High teacher allegedly directed an expletive toward the student Monday after the student tried to sit during the pledge".

The student remained seated during Tuesday’s pledge as well, at which point the teacher allegedly took the student into the hall, lectured him about soldiers dying and demanded to know why the student wished to sit during the pledge.

On Wednesday, before the pledge was recited, the teacher allegedly “badgered” the student again, “telling the student he should move to a different country,” according to the letter.

Superintendent Donald Aguillard says they have seen the complaint letter the student sent to the AHLC and are taking it very seriously. Acadiana High Principal David LeJeune has also reportedly taken immediate action as a result of the concerns.

The Lafayette Parish pledge policy will be up for review next month.

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