About midnight Saturday night as I was just turning off the radio after listening to Classic Country Saturday Night I heard a rather odd sound. It was familiar but I couldn't quite place it. I noticed it was coming from outside so I stepped out on to the patio and in the flickering glow of the streetlight I saw it. Rain. It was raining at my house. It was like the oven had actually been turned off outside.

There are chances of more showers in the South Louisiana forecast over the next few days but for the most part widely scattered afternoon and early evening showers is all that we can hope for.

High temperatures in the afternoon will continue to bake us in the middle 90's with heat indices expected to make it feel as hot as 110 degrees in the areas north of I-10. This excessive heat could prompt a head advisory from the National Weather Service.  A heat advisory has been posted for many of the parishes along the I-20 corridor for later today.

Rain chances will again be minimal for most of South Louisiana today. Most of us will only have a 20% glimmer of hope that a passing shower will at least lower the temperature for a few minutes.

The outlook for later in the week is much better as far as rain chances are concerned. Some forecast models predict an approaching cold front will get close enough to the area to at least spark a more normal chance of showers in the afternoon than we've seen in the past week or so.

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