We have dodged what is left of Tropical Storm Bill and and we've now moved on to the "dang it's hot" portion of the Summer. Technically Summer will not arrive until Sunday, June 21st, which also happens to be Father's Day.  So now that I've gotten the obligatory plug for gifts out of the way, what about your weekend plans?

It looks like the forecast for Saturday's Mommy and Me- Kids on the Square event slated for Town Square at River Ranch will be wonderful. It will be warm and you'll need make sure you've applied sunscreen to the little ones but we should be rain free.

The same holds true for any Sunday Father's Day events that you might be having outside. The morning hours will be warm and sticky but the afternoon hours will include the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm. The weather should be great for a golf game, a trip to the lake, or hauling a piano and setting it up inside a club in Opelousas.  Let's face it, some people will be working on Sunday, I will be one of them.

A large area of high pressure should maintain control over the South Louisiana forecast for the next several days. Rain chances will be relegated to air mass thunderstorms as opposed to any large areas of rain or thunderstorms. The next better than slight chance of rain will most likely come in the latter part of next week.

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