Earlier this week we spent a day or two sliding on icy roads, bridges and overpasses. Later tonight and early tomorrow  you might not want to venture on to the roadways for a different reason.

The record setting cold weather of Tuesday and Wednesday is now a distant memory. Today should be quite warm in comparison The current forecast suggests that the afternoon high should reach 70 degrees. The problem for motorist won't come in the form of ice this time. It will more than likely be a nemesis that we face many mornings in Acadiana, fog.

Now that the Arctic cold front has moved on to the east, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will settle over the area. This could result in dense sea fog rolling up from the coast as far north as Interstate 10 by early tomorrow morning. Areas north of I-10 could expect fog to roll in towards daybreak on Sunday.

As the fog lifts Sunday the clouds will remain and a chance of showers will increase ahead of a Pacific cold front. Pacific cold fronts don't break bitterly cold weather. In fact temperatures will cool down a little but the main threat from this system will be rain and thunderstorms late Sunday and Sunday night.

For the work week expect a nice day Monday, rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday and the sunny and cooler for later in the week.