Thanksgiving weather, it's always a crap shoot when you live in South Louisiana. One year you're drinking hot chocolate and wearing fuzzy socks, the next year you are in a tank top and a swimsuit with the air conditioner running on high. What will the Thanksgiving forecast be for you this year?

In a word, cold! The temperature greeting you on Thursday  morning could be below freezing in many parts of Acadiana. The good news is those very cold temperatures should moderate a little bit by Friday and into next weekend.

The precipitation forecast for the holiday week shows that Monday and Tuesday will be the most difficult days for those wishing to stay dry. Monday has an almost certain chance of showers for Acadiana while Tuesday's chances of rain are only slightly decreased. The good news is travelers on Wednesday should have decent conditions to hit the road or the airport.

The forecast for the major airport hubs that many Lafayette air travelers must pass through either on the way home or on the way out of town have forecasts that look like this.

Houston's weather forecast is very similar to the Lafayette weather forecast. Rain will be likely on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday through the weekend should be fine for flying and weather delays in and around Houston should not be that big of an issue.

Dallas' weather forecast is a little more troublesome for those heading out today. There is a winter storm warning for the Dallas area for today. Most of the wintry weather should be out of the Dallas area by Tuesday but rain and a wintry mix is expected both Monday and Tuesday. Air travelers making their way through Dallas on Wednesday should not have any weather related issues to cause any flight delays. The return trip into Lafayette on Sunday should not be affected by weather either however there will be a minimal chance of showers.

Atlanta's weather forecast might be the one that throws the monkey wrench into everybody's travel plans. Travelers who will be traveling out of or into Atlanta on Wednesday will need to check with their air carrier for any possible delays. There is a chance of ice and snow in the Atlanta area beginning late Tuesday and into Wednesday. While this is not expected to be a major winter storm falling frozen precipitation can always create airport delays.

For those hitting the road driving along the I-10 corridor you should not encounter any  major weather related difficulties. There will be rain for the latter part of the week for those traveling west. There will be rain for the mid part of the week for those heading east. Troopers in all states remind motorist to buckle up and refrain from drinking and driving and don't text while you're behind the wheel either.


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