It's not been a good couple of months for school boards in  South Louisiana. In Lafayette Parish there's been confusion over bus drivers and whether or not homework is allowed. In Vermilion Parish, Ringling Brothers couldn't put on a better circus than what they've got cooking in the Jerome Puyau situation down there. Now, there's a developing legal situation involving the school board and now former Superintendent Dr. Lottie Bebe.

According to reports, Bebe's legal team could bring legal action against the St. Martin Parish School Board by as early as Monday. This action would be stemming from the Board's decision to terminate Bebe's contract at this past Wednesday's meeting.

The way that dismissal vote was conducted appears to be the basis of the legal action that Bebe's legal team plans to pursue.

She has a contract and the law says what you have to do to terminate a superintendent is give 90 days notice that you’re not going to renew or if you think you have cause you have to give them ample notice and specifics.

Those are the words of Lane Roy, Bebe's attorney as reported by Chris Welty and KATC TV 3. 

I am not a legal scholar by any means but it certainly does appear is if protocol and procedure were not followed by the board in this case. Let us hope there can be some kind of compromise that won't take money from a financially strapped school system because the board elected to guide and direct that system failed in their due diligence

Meanwhile, Dr. Bebe reported to the job she was terminated from yesterday morning and by all accounts plans to remain on that job until she is either reinstated or forced to leave.

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