There are many of us in the state that are not exactly sure what the purpose of the LHSAA is. I understand the need for a governing body and final authority in governing high school sports. I don't understand why the LHSAA appears to think it is so much more than that.

Friday's announcement that the football playoff system that segregates public and private schools was against LHSAA's own constitution indicates just how inept this particular body happens to be.


This makes two exceptional public blunders the almighty LHSAA has made in recent memory. Remember when they almost let an entire football season go by the wayside because their "parliamentary procedures" wouldn't allow them to authorize raises for referees? I guess somebody reads the book when it's going to cost the LHSAA money and they don't even open the book when two weekends of playoffs can double the organizations money even though it violates the organizations own constitution.

What's even worse is I am on the outside looking in and I can see this is a flawed body. I would think that such an idiotic move of unconstitutionally splitting the playoffs in 2013 would warrant that the LHSAA be totally dissolved. I personally would love to see that. I think the meaning and mission of the LHSAA should be rethought, rebuilt, and then staffed with people who have the best interest of students and not the pursuit of  money in mind.

Just to be clear, that is my opinion based upon what I know as a fan of high school sports but more importantly as a parent of children enrolled in high school who have been affected by this self serving entity.


I am also in a business that has to deal with this alleged governing body of high school sports. Do you have any idea how much this organization charges a radio station just for the rights to broadcast a high school championship football game? It's beyond ridiculous. Let's just say there are college programs and bowl games that don't charge anything for the home town station to bring back reports of the game to the fan base.

I am not saying there shouldn't be broadcast fees. However, the exorbitant fee that I was quoted had me thinking that somebody in the upper bowels of the LHSAA hierarchy was enjoying high class booze and strippers after every game. By the way, I an not insinuating that has ever happened but with the money these guys demand for broadcast rights, it could.

It's almost as if the LHSAA would rather the local station that has supported their hometown school and the student body all season long be shut out when the time comes to crown a champion. It's almost as if they have modeled themselves after the money grubbing, sue-in-a-second, cease and desist happy NFL.

If you're affiliated with the LHSAA in an official capacity and you are willing to go on the record and answer some questions I am sure there are many of us that would be willing to have our opinions changed.  I am willing to admit there may be a lot about the LHSAA That  I don't understand. However, since your organization's function affects the educational and athletic life of my child don't you think all parents should be educated in whatever it is that you do? I welcome your comments.

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