Mother's Day is Sunday and there is a lot of attention being focused on the "job" of being a mom. Actually to call it a job is really a misnomer. Being a mother is more of a passion and in Louisiana it's a passion that comes with a lot more frustration than it might in other states.

According to a survey released by our state is the 4th worst state in the nation for working mothers. Among the criterion used to arrive at this conclusion was the cost of available daycare, the ability to balance work and home life, and professional opportunities for working mothers.

Jill Gonzales is an analyst for Wallet Hub and she told the Louisiana Radio Network what exactly led to our state's poor ranking.

Daycare quality was ranked 48th out of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, schools are ranked 47th.

She also suggested in her comments that economic conditions for Louisiana's working moms were a major detractor in the state's showing.

Out of all single mom’s families with children younger than 18 in poverty, Louisiana had the third highest number with 49% of all those families living in poverty.

Our state also has one of the largest gender pay gaps in the nation. This really makes it difficult for a working mom to find a good job, with good benefits, and a better than average wage. If it makes you feel any better our state isn't that good for working fathers either.  

Louisiana has a lot to improve on, so it is Mother’s Day coming up, make sure to give her some extra appreciation at least.

The good news is the Louisiana Legislature is looking into changes that would at least close the gender pay gap in the coming years.

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