In this age of transparency it appears that the only way Louisiana legislators can get things done is to go behind closed doors. That off the record behind closed doors retreat will take place in Baton Rouge today when several members of the Louisiana House of Representatives will gather to discuss the state's looming budget crisis.

Current estimates are that  Louisiana will have a budget deficit in excess of one billion dollars for the next fiscal year. The only thing that lawmakers can apparently agree on at this time about the situation is that it "was someone else" who got the state in this position. 

This gathering will be a bipartisan affair. Organizers hope that this off the record conversation will actually lead to some on the record ideas that can actually help our state move in a positive direction.

The cynical side of me believes this is more of a "let's get our stories straight" before we move forward meeting. I would expect that there will be many behind the scenes deals cut and made at this meeting. Since this isn't an official gathering of elected officials the state's sunshine laws will not apply. So, you and I will most likely only hear bits and pieces of what actually took place during this meeting.


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