It's no secret that we in Acadiana are a pretty friendly bunch. But, what about the whole state of Louisiana compared to the rest of the country? Are we really as friendly as we think we are?

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

What's The Friendliest State? recently conducted a survey to find out what states in the U.S. have the friendliest neighbors.

They report they surveyed a minimum of 30 people from each state and asked them to "rate their neighbors’ friendliness on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least friendly and 5 being the most friendly."

They asked participants questions such as, do their neighbors wave hello often or offer help when needed? Do their neighbors acknowledge major life events like graduations, birthdays, or birth announcements?

Hawaii came in at number 1 on the "States With Friendliest Neighbors" list with "neighborhood friendliness ranked 20% above the national average."

Hawaii 598

The next few topping the "States With Friendliest Neighbors"  list are Wyoming, Kansas, and South Dakota. Not really surprised there...when your closest neighbor is 6 miles away, it's pretty easy to get along with them.

Are Louisiana People Friendly?

Alright, so where did Louisiana land on the list?

Louisiana proudly sits at number 8 the "States With Friendliest Neighbors"!

What makes Louisiana so friendly?

According to the information, we're better than most states when it comes to welcoming new neighbors when they move in, knowing our neighbor's names, acknowledging our neighbors when see them passing by, collecting mail for our neighbors when they're out of town, and offering help with yard work and home improvements.

What Are the Most Unfriendly States?

Is it really any shock that the most unfriendly state in the whole dang U.S. is Washington D.C.? We're sure it's not the regular folks that are the problem.

For certain it's all of the...well, we'll be nice and just call them politicians.

You can read more about the study at

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