I have gone on record as saying before anyone can obtain a license to drive a car, they need to spend six months riding a motorcycle. You learn a whole new respect for the word "idiot" when you don't have several thousand pounds of sheet metal and steel protecting you from bad drivers.

There is nothing like the feeling of freedom riding a motorcycle can bring, it also brings with it a unique set of dangers. To help overcome those dangers Louisiana State Police are offering a motorcycle training program to better prepare bikers for the unique challenges their chosen brand of transportation will bring.

We think it would be a great opportunity to get the public to come in. Learn these basic skills, learn some safety techniques, ways to reduce injuries and even death if you’re involved in these crashes.

Those are the comments of Trooper Bryan Lee as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Lee says the program will be offered at 10 different locations around the state, Including Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Bossier City. There are several different courses from which riders can choose. The course they take is based on their skill level. There will be courses for beginner, intermediate, and experienced riders.

These courses teach you what’s critical when you’re out riding that motorcycle. You need to have those physical and mental skills, as well as, the ability to go out there and maneuver that motorcycle safely.

Even if you've been riding for most of your life, it can't hurt to brush up on your safety knowledge and skills. If you're wondering what kind of course this will be Lee says most of the course is hands on real world riding.

The training lasts three days. There is only a classroom portion which lasts a few hours, and then there are two days of actual hands on riding.

If you'd like to sign up or find our more, State Police have registration information at their website. 


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