One member of the Louisiana State Police has put a plea on Facebook for your help in donating supplies to our State Troopers.

The help that is being asked for is not to help our Louisiana State Troopers do their jobs, but it's to help them recover from Hurricane Ida.

Brooks David is a Louisiana State Trooper working Troop I out of Lafayette. David is from Vermilion Parish, and his plea was put out to ask us to help the State Troopers generate electricity for their homes.

When disaster hits first to respond are usually our police forces. In the case of a hurricane, our Louisiana State Police are working prior to, during, and after the storm. Keeping our roads safe, keeping our citizens safe, checking road conditions, helping direct evacuations, patrolling during curfews, conducting search and rescue missions - our Troopers are very busy during hurricane season.

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When we think of our first responders, we usually think of a uniform, a patrol unit, and a long, tiring shift, but that's where most of us stop. That's all we see. What we often fail to realize is that while our first responders are on the clock helping others, their own families are having to fend for themselves. If their homes were damaged, many times they'll have to wait until they get a break from work to take care of things at their own house.

That's why Trooper David is asking for your help. He is asking for donations of fuel cans filled with fuel to give to the Lousiana State Troopers from areas damaged by Hurricane Ida.

I am asking for people to donate gas cans filled with fuel. These cans will be delivered to Troopers in Houma/Thibodeaux/Raceland/Matthews/Chauvin area so they can run Generators for their homes. - Trooper Brooks David, via Facebook

David goes on to explain that these State Troopers are working almost around the clock and really don't have time to wait in a long fuel line to get fuel. And, David says, he will personally deliver the fuel.

Did you stock up on fuel before Ida? Well, don't let that fuel get stale; send it to a Trooper who can really use it.

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He is hoping to make the first trip to the Houma area this Thursday. Here is the post from David's Facebook page:

David will even have the gas cans returned to you if you mark them with your name and contact information.

If you would like to donate fuel to the Louisiana State Troopers who were affected by Hurricane Ida, reach out to Lousiana State Trooper Brooks David. I know that your donations will be appreciated.

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