A South Plaquemines High School student has been handed an "Unlimited Suspension" as a result of his dreadlocks, despite his religion which forbids him to cut his hair.

The ACLU says he's been denied the opportunity to return to school until he abides by the school's dress code policy which states "Boys' hair may not extend lower than the top of a school shirt collar. Boys' hair may not be pinned up, pulled back, or put in a pony tail'.

The problem is the student is Rastafarian, and his religion forbids him to cut his hair. The boy's mother and ACLU Louisiana say the dreads are a religious symbol and he cannot simply just cut them off..

Reports say he was sent home the first day of school. The next day, he returned with his hair pinned up above his collar, but was once again sent home. He has missed 10 days of school so far.
What do YOU think? Should the school make an exception and allow the student back in school?

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