It was a dark and stormy tumultuous night for college football Saturday in Knoxville Tennessee. The television coverage was barely coverage at all during the height of the storm. 

As a line of strong storms pushed through the area around Neyland Stadium on the campus of the University of Tennessee a piece of the stadium scoreboard actually broke off and blew into the crowd. Reportedly injuring at least one LSU fan.

Let's hope the injuries are minor. It was reported by one source that the winds in Neyland Stadium were so strong one of the goal posts was bent. We haven't confirmed that one but if you're the LSU kicker that will likely be your story and you're sticking to it.

LSU won the game by a score of 30 to 10. The Tigers' next opponent is Texas A&M Saturday night at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Let's hope the weather will be a lot nicer.

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