We've seen the shirts, hats, cups, and other merchandise items that boast a "house divided". You see that a lot with fans of LSU and Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns. That house divided is kind of expected around these parts. But, can you imagine an official state of Alabama license plate that features an LSU logo?

It's now a thing. LSU license plates will soon be available to Tiger fans who live in Alabama. I know it just doesn't sound right or feel right but it is actually a thing.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has announced that LSU specialty license plates will be available next month. In addition to the regular fees associated with getting a plate for your car to drive in Alabama, there will also be an additional $50 fee.

While this might seem a little disconcerting for the passionate college football fan especially, Alabama has allowed fans of Florida State, Mississippi State, and even the University of Georgia to purchase specialty plates that display the logos of their favorite university for some time.

It seems the addition of LSU to the list of available schools was spurred on by a Birmingham based alumni group that boasted more than 250 members ready, willing, and able to purchase the LSU plates for their cars.

Just so you know, that $50 that is spent on the specialty plates will go to Alabama's general fund. And no, Louisiana does not offer specialty plates that feature the logos of Alabama or Auburn. So fans of those two programs who live in Louisiana will have to come up with another way to show their support for their team.


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