I wonder too how many people this kind of scenario actually applies? A piece of clothing or an item you used in a football game is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but you're not. Jarvis Landry, former LSU standout receiver can now add his name to that list of football players that fit that description. However, Landry still might have a better than average shot of getting himself in "The Hall" after his career is over.

The Cleveland Browns sent this tweet out following the Browns victory on Sunday.

Landry who began his career in Miami was traded to the Cleveland Browns this year and has been one of the franchises brightest spots. This honor spotlights what Landry has been able to do with a multitude of quarterbacks throwing him the ball. Oh, by the way, Landry can pad his record this year, he still has 11 more games to play.

But before we get too comfortable anointing Jarvis Landry the best first five-year pass-catcher of all time that record could be in jeopardy by another Louisiana fan favorite. That guy is Michael Thomas who just happens to catch passes thrown by Drew Brees who last time we checked was pretty good at getting receivers the ball. Thomas' stats over his first two seasons have been better than Landry's first two seasons were.

I guess records were made to be broken and as long as LSU and Saints players are breaking them, I can find a sense of satisfaction in that.


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