If you were in Tiger Stadium this past Saturday night you completely understand why play was halted early in the game. The thunderstorm that basically sat over Baton Rouge for a good part of the evening dumped heavy rains, brought high winds, and caused frequent lightning through out the capital city.

It was the lightning that was the biggest concern for authorities and officials associated with keeping us, the fans, safe during Saturday's contest between LSU and McNeese State University. Both fan bases would have loved to have seen their teams settle it on the field but Mother Nature and some game day officials with a lot of common sense would have no part of that.

Yesterday Brian Broussard, who is head of the LSU athletic ticket office, detailed the university's plan to offer fans a refund for the game that was cancelled because of the storm. He told the Louisiana Radio Network if you purchased tickets through LSU with a credit card or you are a season ticket holder you will see a refund on your account by September 30th.

Basically, we're going to automatically refund all of our ticket holders that we have on record.

If you paid with cash or check through the LSU ticket office in order to get a refund you will need show proof of purchase.

Basically, we're going to need a receipt or the tickets that they had purchased with that transaction.

Those who bought tickets this way can expect a refund check by October 15th.

If you purchased tickets through the McNeese State Athletic office those refunds will begin to be processed on September 14th. Sports Information Director Matthew Bonnette said in a news release.

Those who purchased tickets with a credit card will have their cost automatically processed, while those who purchased tickets with a check or cash will have to visit the McNeese ticket office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Bonnette said. Ticket stubs are not required.




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