There seems to be no limit as to what I perceive as sick individuals will do when it comes to crimes. Authorities in Baton Rouge announced they had arrested a Larose man on charges that he had attacked his former girlfriend, threatened her with a weapon, and then stole her car.

As if that wasn't bad enough authorities in Lafourche Parish discovered during their investigation and even more chilling chapter in this sicko's saga. It appears that Taylor Broussard had actually been living in is former girlfriend's attic. Based the evidence he might have been living there for quite a while.

Fortunately, Baton Rouge authorities and Lafourche Parish authorities were able to apprehend Broussard and place him into custody. He is charged with a myriad of crimes including stalking, domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse aggravated assault, vehicle theft, and home invasion.

Since I have already gone on record as the guy that would make the U.S. Constitution cry based on my opinions about "cruel and unusual" punishment. How about this, maybe authorities could keep Mr. Broussard in the attic of the Lafourche Parish lock up? Since he is used to living in such conditions I am sure the late May, early June, and balmy July and August temperatures in that attic would be quite a deterrent to this alleged dirtbags rehabilitation.

I am probably putting the ass before the cart in this conjecture. I realize that all people are considered to be innocent until proven guilty, even Mr. Broussard. However, should the judicial system actually do their job and sentence Broussard on these crimes let's put him in the attic. If there is no attic perhaps he could sleep on a fire ant mound.

Hey, at least this time I wasn't advocating capital punishment.

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