Some people have lost their minds.

Watch as a man storms the altar during Mass in a Catholic Church, only to be removed by force with those in attendance.

The man in the blue shirt exchanges words with one of the priests on the altar and then makes his way to the altar to approach him.

Parishioners made their way onto the altar to restain the man, but as you will see in the video below, the man did not go down with a fight.


It took several men to contain this individual on the altar, but he was ultimately removed from the church.

I don't know what prompted this man to approach the priest on the altar during mass, but apparently, it was enough to have interrupted the services.

What makes this story even more disturbing is that you can clearly see that kids are in attendance as some were even serving in the mass.

Luckily it doesn't appear that anyone was injured, but what a scary scene in a place where there should be peace.


As you may expect, those who have watched this disturbing video have had plenty to say about this "altercation" in the church, and here are just a few that I came across.

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