I would not want to clean up this mess

A massive brawl broke out in a diner in Jackson, Mississippi and it looked like a WWE LIVE event as chairs and other pieces of furniture went flying.

As you can see in the video below, families were in the diner when this massive brawl broke out and kids were pushed aside to not be injured.

This is so disturbing to see for a number of reasons, but anytime kids are subjected to this type of behavior--- It's sad!

The altercation took place Saturday at the Juicy Seafood Kickin Crab restaurant. According to WAPT-TV, the altercation was between two different parties visiting the restaurant

All of the  combatants left before police arrived, but security cameras were able to capture the license plates of those who participated in this "battle royal."

Sadly, this all happened days after a brawl in an airport in Miami. If you missed that brawl, check it out below.

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