Last week, McDonald's unveiled new sizes for the long time favorite Big Mac. You can now get it in the "Jr" and "Grand" sizes.

The Big Mac has made the news again as it's part of a new promotion in Boston tomorrow.

McDonald's is about to try out a new ATM vending machine there that serves fresh Big Macs. You just tap the screen, order, and a Big Mac falls out the slot.

A McDonald's nearby will be cooking them and feeding them into the machine.

The burgers will actually be free so this will surely draw big lines. However, you'll have to supply the machine with your Twitter handle and it'll auto-Tweet to your account: "Check out the new Big Mac."

I'd pay that price.

This is part of a one-day stunt in Boston. But if it's a hit, you just might see more of these show up in other places too.


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