The city of Memphis citing an emergency situation has admitted to pumping sewage into the Mississippi River. I am sure you have the same questions that I have. How is a major metropolitan area allowed to pollute one of our nation's most important waterways?

What's even worse this isn't the first time that the city of Memphis has pushed their poo downstream.

According to several reports, an emergency decision to temporarily pump the wastewater into the river was made after a water treatment plant in the city failed.

The director of the city of Memphis Public Works,  Robert Knecht, told reporters that the pumping of sewage into the river would minimally impact businesses and residences. I guess he is speaking of those in the Memphis area which appears to be his only concern.

Granted, Old Man River is really high in the Memphis area and they are seeing flooding. Still, it's a bit unsettling to know that at any given time a major metropolitan area could use the water that flows downstream as a toilet.

Maybe the cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans can send the city of Memphis some storm drain scrapings by the truckload so they can build a higher levee around their water treatment facility. Nah, we wouldn't do that to a neighbor. Even a neighbor that pumps poo in our general direction.


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