I am not happy about this one.

A meteorologist in Mississippi took a shot at the Dallas Cowboys during a recent weather forecast, and I didn't appreciate the jab.

Ethan Bird was referencing the extreme temperatures in his area and when it came time to note that the temperature would reach the mid-90s, he took a shot at the five-time Super Bowl Champions.

He said that the temperatures in the days ahead would be like the Dallas Cowboys, peaking in the mid-90s.

Yes, the Cowboys were very good in the 90s and since then, there have been many speed bumps along the way.

But for this guy to take a shot at my team like this, he has me "heated" and other Cowboys fans have apparently reached out too.

To my friends at KATC and KLFY forecasting the weather, don't ever be this guy.

Here's the viral video of the forecast.

Since this forecast aired and went viral, Bird has done is best to please we disgruntled fans of the Dallas Cowboys.


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