You know the folks in the Mayor's office in St. Martinville are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. That's because a substantial amount of money that had been missing from that office has been located. What makes this news even better is that the missing money was located in a bank account.

We told you yesterday (April 2) about concerns that the members of the St. Martinville City Council had expressed concerns over $18,000 worth of missing traffic ticket revenue and D.A.R.E. funds. The concern was that no one seemed to know where this money was located.

It was allegedly last seen in a money bag in a city employees desk. That's obviously not the best place to store thousands of dollars so you can imagine the concern of all parties involved. And when you consider the fact that the money had not actually been seen since February you can imagine the angst.

Yesterday the missing money was found. It appears the money had been deposited in a "new account" on February 24th. That's according to a report from KLFY TV. Now, my question is how did they manage to make that deposit on a Sunday?

Maybe that's an investigation for another day. Regardless of the calendar confusion and my ignorance of banking hours in St. Martinville it does appear as though the missing money is safely tucked away in a bank account, well at least for now.

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