City leaders in St. Martinville along with Mayor Melinda Mitchell are looking for some money. It's about $18,000 and nobody seems to know where that money is. We are aware of where that money came from. Most of it arrived in the city's coffers via the L.A.C.E. program. That's the traffic ticket program that you may have heard of. The other missing money is reportedly from the D.A.R.E fund.

The missing money was a hot topic at last night's council meeting. According to a report from KLFY TV St. Martinville's Chief Administrative Officer says he hasn't seen the bag where the money was allegedly kept in over two weeks.

According to the report, the missing money bag was in a payroll clerk's desk drawer. That clerk has been out on sick leave.

The council plans to take a week to try and locate the missing funds. If they are not successful the next step will be to involve State Police. In the meantime, it might be a good idea for the Mayor and City Council members to come up with a more secure storage plan for cash on hand.

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