Ladies and Gentlemen what you're about to read is not the lunatic ravings of a mad man. It is scientific fact.

Many of you have maintained that the first day of the work week, Monday, was the worst day of the work week. Since I don't like for anyone to be wrong other than me. I went to work to confirm this fact for you. This way when you tell people "Monday's Suck" you have the tradition of science behind you.

Why do you think Monday's suck? If you're thinking " I have to go back to work. I hate my job. I miss my playtime". Then you're right. According to the folks at Mental Floss, a great website for looking busy when you're really just goofing off, all of those factors tie into your dislike of Monday.

Did you know that Monday is the day when you are your least healthy? Since most of us are likely to abandon healthy eating patterns, stay up too late, drink too much, do unspeakable things with llamas, and do other bad things our body's react.

Chances are you will weigh your most on a Monday. Your blood pressure will be its highest on a Monday. Your risk for heart attack and stroke is highest on a Monday.

Another reason why Monday is tough for a lot of us that our sleep patterns have been severely disrupted. We are ruled by our body clocks and Monday is like a miniature version of jet lag.

One of the more surprising reasons I discovered why we have such an issue with Monday is this. We miss our co-workers. Maybe we don't "miss them miss them" but we miss the "tribe". We like the routine of gossip and interaction and human misery.

Chances are you spend more time with your work  family than  your real family every week. So it's only right that you should miss them a little before you start wishing they would be sucked into a black hole in the break room.

I've laid it all out for you. If you say 'Monday's Suck!', you are not whining, you are simply stating a scientific fact. A fact that is backed up by centuries of evolution, research, and the Internet. So it has to be true.

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