We are all trying to save a little money, especially during these trying times. And if you are a Costco member, then you've probably already tried some of their amazing house brand items, which go under the 'Kirkland Signature' name. My first introduction to their high quality was with the Costco olive oil, which is just as good as anything twice the price. Really.

So, when Moneywise shared their list of the best Kirkland Signature items, I sat up and paid attention. They compiled the info from actual customers, and they are listed below. And please feel free to let me know what your favorites are!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $16.99 for 2 liters is a real bargain. And University at California Davis rates it high up on the list of US imports
  • Maple Syrup - $10.99 for 32 ounces. Rated third best by Consumer Reports
  • Cashews - $16.99 for 2.5 lbs. This is one of my favorites, and also gets bonus points from me because they can be frozen for later use
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese - $12 a lb. This is really good cheese, and it's aged for two years.
  • Organic Frozen Berries - $9.50 for 4 lbs. Get your daily dose of Vitamin C at a fraction of the cost
  • Stretch-Tite Plastic Food Wrap - $12 for two 750 ft rolls. The slide razor pretty much rules, and the quality is certainly up against any name brands who charge twice the price.
  • Gasoline - price varies. Yes, it's worth it to sit in line, the price is that good. Up to 30 cents cheaper a gallon
  • Certified Organic Grade A Large Eggs - $6.50 for 2 dozen. Also certified humane and cage free
  • Coffee. - $9.99 for 3 lbs. One of my regular purchases, and you can also get 120 recyclable pods for $36.99, What a bargain!
  • Dish Detergent Pacs - $9.79 for 115 pods. Less than 9 cents a pod, and just as good as the big boys
  • Honey - $8.99 for 4 lbs. Rigorous testing for high quality, and worth it
  • Pulled Pork - $6.99 for 40 oz. You can feed an entire family of four on just one tray.
  • Sliced Deli Chicken Breast - $4.99 for 2 lbs. Tender, juicy, and perfect for packing the kid's lunch.
  • Sparkling Water - $12.99 for a 24 pack of Italian sparkling water is something you can't pass up. And it's just as good as Perrier or Pellegrino
  • Organic Peanut Butter - $10 for two 28 oz jars. No added sugar and no hydrogenated oils, which makes it way healthier than some name brands
  • Razor Blades - $19.99 for 14 cartridges, which makes it about $1.43 per razor
  • Toilet Paper - $16.99 for 30 rolls. This has been a hot commodity at Costco during the coronavirus pandemic, so you might want to call ahead to make sure it's in stock before heading out to purchase your TP.
  • Wine - $6.99 and up. Costco is the #1 retailer of wine in the US for a reason. Just get it.
  • Rotisserie Chicken - $4.99. Truly one of the best bargains in the world, and they are plump and juicy every single time. And yes, I bought one this week already.
  • Bacon - $17 for 4 lbs. Actually sold in one lb packs, which makes it even more convenient



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