A Dollar General store clerk in Monroe has been arrested and charged with manslaughter after shooting an alleged armed robber, according to the Monroe Police Department.

Police responded to the shooting at the Dollar General at 711 South 8th Street on Monday, January 2, 2023.

According to arrest records, there was an armed robbery at the store and a store clerk shot at the suspect. However, at some point, a customer was shot as well.

The suspected armed robber was found outside of the store lying in the money he allegedly had taken. He would later die from his injuries.

The customer who was shot was taken to a local hospital where they were treated and later released.

The store clerk has been identified as Rafus Alexander. He said he locked the store and left after the incident.

It's unclear if Alexander called authorities or not following the shooting.

Alexander later went to the Monroe Police Department to give a statement. He told MPD that he was afraid the suspect was going to kill him when a pulled a gun out and robbed the store.

Alexander told investigators that he only shot at the suspect but did not know he hit him as the man continued running.

Police said that Alexander told them that this was the sixth armed robbery at the store since August.

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